Online Therapy for Professionals and Students

Client Profile

Who you are: 

You want to start therapy, but you’re busy and have little time or energy to spend outside of your work or studies.

Your goals: 

  • Therapy that doesn’t take up too much of your time
  • Therapy that addresses your stress
  • Therapy that solves your problems as efficiently as possible

Being a person committed to your work typically means two things: a lack of time and a lifestyle that can result in stress. Mindfulness-based online therapy addresses both. I work with corporate professionals and students to help them develop strategies that reduce stress and effectively address other problems in their lives. Shorter sessions are available that can easily be plugged into your schedule without leaving your home or office. 

Schedule a Free Consultation

I conduct a free 15-minute video consultation with anyone who is interested in starting online therapy with me. You can schedule your free consultation by clicking below. 

How Therapy Works

As your therapist, my role will be to listen to you non-judgmentally, ask you questions, and offer you strategies and tools that will support your change process. We will always go at your own pace. If you’re not ready to jump into difficult topics right away, that’s completely okay. The goal is to do whatever you need to find real healing.  

In mental health therapy, we’ll create what is called a “treatment plan”, which is a list of goals you would like to reach during your time in therapy. I’ll create this treatment plan after our first meeting. During our first meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to tell me about what it is that you’d like to work on, and I’ll gather some background information. 

It’s typical to start by meeting weekly for online therapy, but we’ll determine a schedule that is best for you. The length of therapy depends on what it is that you would like to work on.  I am  licensed to practice therapy with anyone in Michigan. 

Accepted Payment

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Out of Network

Self Pay ($100 for a standard session)