What is Mindfulness?


My therapy uses mindfulness-based approaches that are designed to help you find the root of your challenges and navigate them with more clarity and ease. 

So, what is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to observe your experience in the present moment without attachment or judgment. This applies to both your external and internal experience. Mindfulness has been practiced in eastern traditions for thousands of years, and western society is quickly starting to see its benefits in promoting health, healing, and resilience. Scientists and meditation teachers like Jon Kabat Zinn and Richard Miller have created secular versions of mindfulness-based practices that are now being used in actual mental health treatment.

When we don’t like how we feel, we typically try to make those feelings and emotions go away. Unfortunately, many of the approaches we use to change how we feel don’t work, and can actually make us feel worse.  When we practice mindfulness, we learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Instead of focusing on changing our emotions and thoughts, we focus on changing our relationship with our emotions and thoughts. This practice makes it easier for you to listen to the messages that all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are trying to give you, as opposed to just trying to make them go away. 

When we accept our full experience without judgment, it becomes easier to change our thoughts and behaviors. It is well-documented that our bodies store our stress, emotions, and trauma, so even when we try to ignore difficult feelings, they’re not going anywhere. By using mindfulness to pay attention to your whole experience in body and mind, you can learn how to release what your body has stored, and create a healthy path forward. 

In my therapy, I combine talk therapy with somatic (body-focused) techniques, so that you can fully release your emotional pain and feel better. I have trained nationally and internationally in somatic and mindfulness-based approaches that are designed to help you relax, reduce stress, and heal. Countless people have transformed their lives with mindfulness, and I’m happy to support you on your own path to healing.